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Kumarakom - Backwater tourism

The village of Kumarakom is a cluster of little islands on the Vembanad Lake, and the Kumarakom backwaters are a well-known tourist spot in Kerala. Kumarakom Village is a peaceful, green, and quiet region with numerous coconut palms and shallow waterways. It is located at a distance of 15 kilometers from Kottayam town. The most famous tourist attractions and places to visit in Kumarakom are the Bird Sanctuary and Backwaters. The place is just the perfect choice for a traveler to enjoy the beauty of nature, and you can enjoy the Kumarakom sightseeing while relaxing amidst tranquil backwaters if you choose to visit the best places to visit in Kumarakom.

Popular Places In Kumarakom

Based on your taste and preferences, pick from our Kumarakom tourist places list.

1. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

As the name suggests, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a birdwatcher’s paradise and one of the best tourist places in Kumarakom, placed in close proximity to scenic backwaters. Kumarakom bird sanctuary stretches over an area of 14 acres of land and is located on the eastern side of the Vembanad backwaters. Siberian storks are among the migratory birds in Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, and it has a large variety of birds of different species like water ducks, owls, egrets, cuckoos, kingfishers, and woodpeckers.

2. Bay Island Driftwood Museum

Bay Island Driftwood Museum houses unique items made of driftwood, which include twisted trunks of trees, roots, and stumps that were deposited on the shores of Andaman and Nicobar. It is one of the best places to visit in Kumarakom. Some of these sculptures, which use modern art techniques, resemble animals, fish, and birds. Some driftwood articles can be as ancient as some of the trees that were washed onto the seashore during cyclones and tsunamis.

3. Kumarakom Backwaters

The backwaters of Kerala are one of the most sought-after destinations for sightseeing in Kumarakom. Kumarakom backwater cruises are a unique experience that would leave a person thrilled and overjoyed. The tranquility of the waters and the freshness of the greenery around would leave a lasting impression in the minds of the visitors. The place offers a variety of backwater tourist attractions, including houseboat cruises, fishing, snake boat races, and backwater tours. Vembanad Lake is home to rich marine life and some of the famous food items in Kerala, like the Karimeen (pearl-spotted fish) and the Konju (tiger prawns), which can be enjoyed on a backwater cruise.

4. Vembanad lake

The convergence point of ten rivers, Vembanad Lake, is the glory of the city, which makes it top the Kumarakom tourist places list. Vembanad Lake offers an enchanting experience to tourists. The lake is the best picnic spot, where you can relax your mind and unwind. While the water gives the place a cooling effect, trees and shrubs act as a respite to the parched eyes. The lake is an excellent family-picnic destination too. While seniors can laze around the lake reading a book or talking, youngsters can opt for fishing and boating.

5. Pathiramanal – Sands of Night

For thousands of migratory birds as well as travelers looking for a blissful stay, Pathiramanal Island is famous for sightseeing in Kumarakom. Pathiramanal, which translates to ‘Sands of Night', is a small island that is easily reachable using the water route. The journey to reach the island is an exhilarating one. Both sides of the lake have breathtaking views of the scenery and the pastoral ambiance that would remain etched in the minds of the tourists. The island is home to some rare varieties of migratory birds, serving as a bird watcher’s paradise.

6. Juma Masjid

Juma Masjid in Kumarakom is a 1000-year-old mosque called Thazhathangadi Mosque, which is considered to be among the oldest mosques in the country. The mosque has magnificent architecture with exquisite wood carvings in the inner courtyard, windows, and bathing area. Famous for its mystical history and calm surroundings, Juma Masjid is one of the best places to visit in Kumarakom. The mosque was built by Habib Dinar, who is the son of Maliq Dinar, who is believed to have introduced Islam to Kerala.