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Chidambaram - Temple City

Chidambaram offers a mixture of nature and spirituality. There is If you are looking for the purest of Dravidian culture, Chidambaram is the best place to go in South India. The town belonged to the Cholas of Southern India and is one of the most famous and sought-after travel destinations when it comes to cultural tourism. The other name of this town is Thillai because, in the olden days, this was a forest of mangrove trees by the name of Thillai. The two renowned saints, Patanjali and Vyagrapada, lived here, and as the legend goes, Lord Shiva was so pleased by the devotion and dedication of these two saints that on the day of Thaipoosam, Lord Shiva performed the Nataraja dance. Revolving around this legend, life in this town developed, as did contemporary history; the golden hall of dance was built by Sundra Pandya, who covered it in gold plates.

The temple holds inscriptions telling the history and importance of this place, as it has inscriptions of the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Pallavas, and the Vijayanagara, and altogether, this temple holds inscriptions of empires reigning for almost 5 centuries. Apart from a rich history, Chidambaram's scenic beauty surpasses numerous places in South India and adds to the growth of tourism here. It is a perfect place for nature lovers, as one could get lost amidst the beauty of the forests and be astonished by the backwaters of Pichavaram. For bird lovers too, Chidambaram shall not disappoint as migratory birds, in significant numbers, come to the Pichavaram Mangrove Forest. The town also houses the reputed and popular Annamalai University. Find a complete Chidambaram travel guide to this majestic town with all popular tourist attractions, the best time to visit, and the top things to do.

Popular Place to visit In Chidambaram

  • Thillai Nataraja Temple
  • Thillai Kali Amman Temple
  • Pichavaram Mangrove Forest
  • Pichvaram Backwaters
  • Tirunallurpperumanam Temple

1.Thillai Nataraja Temple

The Chidambaram Nataraja temple, also known as the Thillai Nataraja Temple, is one of the few temples in India that features Shiva as an anthropomorphic being rather than being represented by the lingam. The bejeweled idol enshrined at the temple poses in the iconic cosmic dance (the Bharatnatyam mudra known as ananda tandava). Consisting of five courts, the 10th-century temple was rebuilt around 1213 AD and sprawls over 50 acres in the heart of Chidambaram city. The temple is ancient and important both from a historical and an architectural viewpoint.

2.Thillai Nataraja Temple

Chidambaram, a major pilgrimage site and home to the ancient Shiva temple, is also visited for a unique reason. The small town boasts an old palm leaf reading tradition; the leaves are used to determine every individual’s past and future lives. People travel from great distances to experience this special kind of horoscope reading.